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At SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA, all our activities, all our solutions, and all our services are designed to optimize your business processes, maximize your productivity, and accelerate your growth. Our consulting experts are here to meet your needs!

To us, “Programmed for your performance” is more than just a tagline – it’s a promise.


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A leader in the Canadian IT industry, SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA specializes in the design, implementation, integration, and support of management and accounting solutions, and in the development of e-business operations. We also offer expert technical, consulting, and payment solutions services. SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA  clientele consists of SMBs of all sizes, medium and large businesses, municipalities, and financial institutions.


Our goal is to provide products and services tailored to your industry

We offer a range of fully integrated products and services to optimize a company’s business processes, enhance its e-business operations, and maximize the return on its IT investments, tailoring our offering in accordance with the specific characteristics of each company’s business reality.

Our vast client base and our technological capabilities not only make us uniquely suited to develop e-business operations opportunities which establish connections between SMBs, medium and large companies, municipalities, financial institutions, and government bodies, but they also enable us to deploy management solutions perfectly adapted to all manner of professional realities.




SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA is a leading transaction processing software company – our global experience and collaborative approach ensures our customers’ success in the prepaid and financial services markets. Our proprietary product eFresh™ is a suite of transaction processing software that caters to our customers’ prepaid distribution and retailing needs. The customized turn-key system assists retailers, distributors and service providers in distributing their prepaid and financial products and services to consumers more securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA  was founded in 1981 and became a publicly listed company in Canada in 2001. Our extensive experience in self-serve and vending systems, smart cards and payment technologies gives us a thorough understanding of the retailing industry and consumer needs.



SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA has demonstrated experience in meeting the needs of our customers and the diverse markets they serve. Around the globe, we work with leading mobile operators, telecoms, banks, payment processors, retailers and independent sales organizations (ISOs), integrating our technology and delivering innovative solutions. We also work together with POS hardware and software vendors to ensure our eFresh™ technology meets the evolving needs of our customers. 


SOFTWARE-TECHCONSULTING CANADA  a leading transaction processing software company – our global experience and collaborative approach ensures your success in the prepaid and financial services markets.

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