System Administrator

Job Responsibilities:

Maintains web environment by identifying system requirements, installing upgrades and monitoring system performance.

Establishes web system specifications by analyzing access, information and security requirements and designing system infrastructure.

Establishes web system by planning and executing the selection, installation and configuration; testing of server hardware, software, and operating and system management systems and defining system and operational policies and procedures.

Maintains web system performance by performing system monitoring and analysis and performance tuning; troubleshooting system hardware, software, and operating and system management systems; designing and running system load/stress testing and escalating application problems to vendor.

Secures web system by developing system access, monitoring, control and evaluation; establishing and testing disaster recovery policies and procedures; completing back-ups;and maintaining documentation.

Upgrades web system by conferring with vendors and services and developing, testing, evaluating, and installing enhancements and new software.

Meets financial requirements by submitting information for budgets and monitoring expenses.

Updates job knowledge by tracking emerging internet technologies, participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks and participating in professional organizations.

Accomplishes organizational goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

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System Administrator Qualifications/Skills:

General Programming Skills

System Administration

Technical Understanding and Management


Telecommunications and Internet Technologies

Dependability, Verbal Communication, and Ability to Handle Pressure and Learn on the Fly

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or engineering

Minimum of five years of experience in IT or database administration

Experience with Java GUI front-end development, SQL, Postgres, or equivalent database tools

Experience with Agile software development using JIRA

Experience with Zeek (formerly Bro)

Experience in multiple OS platforms with strong emphasis on Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu), Mac OS X and Windows systems

Experience with OS-level scripting environment such as Bourne shell.

Experience working in a research environment that relies extensively on Open Source solutions

In-depth knowledge of the TCP / IP protocol suite, security architecture, securing and hardening Operating Systems, Networks, Databases and Applications.

Knowledge of the Incident Response life-cycle

Thorough understanding of the threat and attack landscape, attack vectors, vulnerabilities and how they are leveraged by malicious actors.

Security certifications, Database Administrator certifications.

Familiarity with astronomy and physics applications in computing.

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